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Could this image really mark a turning point in the Syrian conflict?

Most of you will by now have seen this picture. That fact alone makes it remarkable, as if the image itself isn’t remarkable enough. And of course it truly is a ‘remarkable’ picture; an enormous crowd of people crushed together … Continue reading

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From the Horn to the Sahel: pictures are not enough, but we still need them

The three pictures presented in this blog post were all taken in February or March this year in Niger, one of the countries that forms west Africa’s Sahel region. They’ve each been published recently on Flickr by different aid agencies … Continue reading

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In pictures: Combating drought in the Horn of Africa?

The BBC News In Pictures blog today ran an online gallery of photographs from Turkana in Kenya, by award-winning photographer Alejandro Chaskielberg, apparently comssioned by Oxfam. The BBC ran them under the headline In Pictures: Combating drought in the Horn … Continue reading

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The Haiti earthquake, two years on: one brighter picture

It’s hard to believe that two years have already passed since the devastating earthquake which struck Haiti on 12 January 2010. There’s been a lot of media coverage of this ‘anniversary’ over the last couple of days, largely focussed on … Continue reading

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Why do we still need photography to tell us about hunger?

Lots of people around the world are talking about food today, as it is both World Food Day and Blog Action Day 2011 (BAD theme: food). Why? Because globally, nearly a billion of the world’s nearly 7 billion population are … Continue reading

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24 posts later: a year of blogging on Developing Pictures

I just noticed that it’s almost exactly a year ago that I first set up Developing Pictures and posted to this blog. So, to mark this momentous anniversary, I thought I’d just share a list of the 24 posts that … Continue reading

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In the midst of hunger, one happier picture from East Africa

The photographs and news reports that have emerged from Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia in the last couple of weeks have been truly dreadful. Yet again people in the ‘horn of Africa’ are facing unimaginable hunger and starvation. The world’s media … Continue reading

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