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Hidden Lives: the untold story of urban refugees

I mentioned Andrew McConnell’s Hidden Lives multimedia project as one of my Developing Pictures highlights of 2012 the other day, but as it has now opened as an exhibition in London’s St Pancras station, I thought I’d kick off the … Continue reading

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Witnessing the ‘power of we’

Once again the themes of Blog Action Day (today) and World Food Day (tomorrow) coincide with each other enough to prompt me to pen another of these sporadic blog posts. This year’s BAD is on the admittedly broad theme of … Continue reading

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Kony2012: three different views of Joseph Kony and the LRA

There’s been a huge amount of media coverage over the past couple of days, of a film about Joseph Kony, leader of the so-called Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Kony and his ‘army’ have plagued the countries of Uganda, Central African … Continue reading

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In pictures: Combating drought in the Horn of Africa?

The BBC News In Pictures blog today ran an online gallery of photographs from Turkana in Kenya, by award-winning photographer Alejandro Chaskielberg, apparently comssioned by Oxfam. The BBC ran them under the headline In Pictures: Combating drought in the Horn … Continue reading

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The Haiti earthquake, two years on: one brighter picture

It’s hard to believe that two years have already passed since the devastating earthquake which struck Haiti on 12 January 2010. There’s been a lot of media coverage of this ‘anniversary’ over the last couple of days, largely focussed on … Continue reading

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A year in development pictures

To mark the end of 2011, I thought I’d just blog a quick post on my ‘pictures of the year’ -inspired The Guardian’s selection of ‘development photos of the year‘, as well as by the fact that one of my … Continue reading

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Protecting sight, photographing the unseen

So my ‘Developing Pictures: year 2’, once-a-week blogging commitment hasn’t got off to a great start (see my previous post, dated a month ago!). But, better late than never, I just thought I’d try to collect some quick thoughts on … Continue reading

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