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Great photos, shame about the audio: What makes a good audio-slideshow?

I came across two ‘audio slideshows’ yesterday, on the BBC News and Guardian websites, and just felt I wanted to write a little about them. They both struck me as good examples of slideshows that put photographs and audio together, but … Continue reading

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Looking into the past: the illusion of stopping time

It’s been a while since I last posted here; it’s been a busy summer, punctuated by a much-needed holiday in rural France. I toyed with the idea of making the 6 hour drive south to Visa Pour l’Image at Perpignan, … Continue reading

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Archival images: some thoughts on libraries and photography

The photograph above is of one of the collection storage areas in the bowels of the British Library, the UK’s national library at St Pancras in London. It’s one image from a series of photographs I made there in 2007, … Continue reading

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#03: Breaking photos and a state of emergency – an evening on Twitter

Ok, so I’ve already wandered off-topic slightly, in that this isn’t strictly about development. But it is very much about a developing story. Earlier this evening, I saw a post on Twitter, from @twitter_es, saying “Presidente de Ecuador declara estado de emergencia en Twitter”.
A quick search of Twitter provided some verification – it did indeed look as though something very much like a military coup was taking place in Quito, the capital of Ecuador Continue reading

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