24 posts later: a year of blogging on Developing Pictures

I just noticed that it’s almost exactly a year ago that I first set up Developing Pictures and posted to this blog. So, to mark this momentous anniversary, I thought I’d just share a list of the 24 posts that I’ve written over the year – once a fortnight on average, which is not bad I reckon. I’m going to try and up this to once a week for year two, although some posts may have to be nearer to 500 words than a thousand if I’m going to achieve that (and those who know me will know just how much of a challenge that’s going to be!). Anyway, I hope some of what’s below is interesting and makes some kind of sense. Do let me know!

1. File under development

2. Beauty, photography and the MDGs

3. Breaking photos and a state of emergency

4. AFP, OGL and CC-A: big questions for photography and the internet

5. Can’t live without it: Blog Action Day 2010 #water

6. From real people to virtual villages: Katine to Kroo Bay

7. Surviving the floods in Pakistan – a view from Sukkur

8. From Haiti to Pakistan

9. Haiti, one year on – in pictures around the web

10. A serious game? Interactive inside the Haiti earthquake

11. Archival images – some thoughts on libraries and photography

12. Faces of hope – powerful portraits of two women in Afghanistan

13. From Hokusai to horror – an evening with Chris Steele-Perkins

14. The spider trees of Pakistan – a tale of two photographs and the web

15. World Photography Festival, Bruce Davidson and a wedding

16. And the winner is? Jim Goldberg and the Photographer’s Gallery

17. Sleeping soldiers: remembering Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros

18. A little bit of history repeating: some thoughts on Burke+Norfolk in Afghanistan

19. World Refugee Day – in pictures

20. Conversations in photography: 25 years of Panos Pictures

21. In the midst of hunger, one happier picture from east Africa

22. Looking into the past: 10 years on from 9/11 – the illusion of stopping time

23. Sean Smith and Thomas Struth: between the moment and what came before

24. From Transit to transitions: do we need multimedia to tell a story?


About russellphoto

Photographer and multimedia producer/editor working in international development. Also on Twitter @russellphoto
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2 Responses to 24 posts later: a year of blogging on Developing Pictures

  1. Stuart says:

    Congratulations, look forward to another year of blogging ahead!

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